About Miami Corporation

In the 19th century, William Deering founded Deering Harvester, a farm implement company. By the turn of the 20th century, Deering Harvester was part of a multi-company merger that formed International Harvester.

In 1917, the descendents of William Deering formed a corporation to invest and steward the family’s assets. Although our company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the name Miami Corporation was chosen because of the Deering family’s love of the Miami, Florida area where they spent many winters throughout their lives.  Miami Corporation has served as the family’s company ever since. It has continued the legacy of our founders through ongoing philanthropic endeavors and contributions to conservation efforts.

Miami Corporation’s investments include lands in Illinois, Oregon and Louisiana as well as Florida. The lands have been owned since the early 20th century and are managed for various resources, including timber, oil and gas, hunting, and grazing. Since our founding, Miami Corporation has made a point to take a long term vision approach for the land, which includes careful commitment to best management practices and ongoing stewardship of the land. That visionary approach is the reason why Farmton’s silviculture, environmental resources, and unique attributes exist today.

In fact, Miami Corporation, Volusia County, and Brevard County have won statewide awards for the Farmton Plan’s high standards of planning and its innovative sustainability efforts. In 2011, they won Sustainable Florida’s Best Practices Partnership Award and the Florida Planning & Zoning Commission’s Innovation Award.

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Brooks McCormick - one additional place of historical interest is the Brooks McCormick St. James Farm, which is in DuPage County, IL. The farm is open to the public and is now the St. James Farm Forest Preserve. To see a video on the history of the land, click here.