Agricultural Roots

William Deering founds Deering Harvester Works, specializing in modern farm equipment.

Deering invents the self-propelled harvester, which greatly increases production of grain throughout the world.

Deering and other companies merge to form International Harvester.

The Deering family begins spending their winters in their much-beloved Florida.

The Deering Family forms The Miami Corporation to steward landholdings in Oregon, Louisiana and Florida and promote conservation efforts.

Miami Corporation visits Brevard and Volusia, then considered a remote part of Florida. Over the next 35 years, they purchase 67,000 acres titled The Farmton Tract.

Arts, Culture and Philanthropy

William Deering’s son Charles donates his 444-acre estate in Cutler as a museum, nature preserve, and unique archeological site. Deering Park Estate reflects his interest in art and in the preservation of the natural world.

The Farmton Tree Farm focuses its land management on pine tree production.

Miami Corp executes a wildlife management area agreement with the Florida Game and Freshwater Commission.

Miami Corporation conveys ownership of Vizcaya (now known as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens) to Dade County. Built by James Deering between 1914 and 1923, this historic estate located in Miami, FL is open to the public as a museum and garden, showcasing its stunning architecture, art, and landscapes.

William Deering’s son James donates his collection of European, Asian and American Decorative Arts to the new Vizcaya Museum on Biscayne Bay.

Landowners and Stewards

Active silviculture begins at Farmton with the planting of 14 million seedlings.

The Farmton Water Resources becomes a certified public utility responsible for water management in the area.

The Farmton Hunt Club is established to manage all hunting on the property in accordance with an approved wildlife management program.

The Farmton Mitigation Bank permanently preserves more than 6,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land, including Crane Swamp, the largest remaining freshwater swamp on the east coast of Florida.

The Farmton Rural Land Stewardship agreement protects land of critical importance to wildlife and endangered species.

Farmton receives the Sustainable Florida’s Best Practices Partnership Award.

Volusia and Brevard Counties adopt The Farmton Land Plan, an innovative 50-year land plan for the property.

Conservation and Sustainability

“The largest single private conservation easement in the history of Florida”---31,876 acres of Farmton land are set aside in permanent conservation.

Farmton and Adams Ranch begin a partnership to expand sustainable cattle production.

2019 – Present
Miami Corporation Management begins the process of diversifying land uses and converting strategic areas into pasture for cattle.

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